Last year Big Beery Night raised
for MacMillan Cancer Support


Not content with that, we’re doing it again this year and our aim is to raise £5000!

We know these charities do a great job encouraging people to stop drinking for a month, but what if we turned that totally on it’s head?

Let’s drink for charity and raise a glass to the ones we’ve lost by donating the cost of our drinks on that evening to Macmillan. This way we’re supporting our industry and charity at the same time.

There are a number of ways you can get involved:

Latest News

Thank You!

Thank you. Two simple words. I’ll come back to those later.
On Friday 11 November 2016 we ran the second Big Beery Night. Originally conceived during a conversation with Phil Hardy, the (now annualish) charity fund raiser took to Twitter in an effort to raise an ambitious target of £5000 for Macmillan Cancer.

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Hop Burns & Black

Hop Burns & Black are supporting #bigbeerynight16 by donating some of the proceeds from each beer they sell on Friday 11th.

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Invasion at Cotteridge Wines

The amazing folks at Cotteridge Wines have donated the proceeds from a keg of Cigar City ‘Invasion Pale Ale’ they had on their taps this weekend to #BigBeeryNight16.

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#CraftBeerHour Auction Launch

We will be announcing the full list of this year's lots for the Big Beery Night auction during #CraftBeerHour on Tuesday 8 November.

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#HopGodFriday Takeover

On the Big Beery Night, #HopGodFriday will be dedicating their entire session to supporting our cause.

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Irish Big Beery Night

Our friends in Ireland at are hosting a similar event to support the Irish Cancer Society.

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Beernomicon Special

Tom and Ross from the Beernomicon podcast are promising a special recording to coincide with the Big Beery Night.

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